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The irreversibility line is well established both for all high-Tc superconductors and MgB2. The relation between Hirr and Hc2 is illustrated in Fig. 4. In this figure, magnetization data of a bulk MgB2 sample are plotted against the applied magnetic field. Typically, the irreversibility field of bulk MgB2 material reaches only ∼50% of Hc2(T), defined as the onset of superconductivity. This is partly caused by the remarkable anisotropy of Hc2(T). The separation between the irreversibility line and Hc2(T) of MgB2 can be reduced by improved pinning properties resulting in a suppression of thermal fluctuations. In nanocrystalline bulk MgB2 prepared by high-energy ball-milling, improved pinning properties have been reported (Gümbel et al.

The irreversibility line and Curie-Weiss temperature of the superconductor LaCaBaCu 3-X (BO 3) X with x . and . Abstract LaCaBaCu 3 O 7 is a high critical temperature superconductor (HTS) below the T c 80 K and its structure is similar to that of YBCO. In this work we study the effect in the irreversibility line and the Curie-Weiss temperature of this superconductor after borate (BO 3) 3-doping (LaCaBaCu 3-x (BO 3) x O 7-į x . ). Interestingly, borate doping enhances the irreversibility line and this effect is probably caused from alteration the arrangement of the oxygen atoms. From M–T results, the superconducting transition temperatures, T C, of the samples were found 93, 90, 87, and 85 K, respectively.

The irreversibility line (IL) has become one of the most interesting, and controversial features of high- temperature superconductivity

At elevated temperatures the irreversibility line (IL) lies in the vortex-solid region significantly below the melting line, whereas at lower temperatures the IL is high within the vortex-liquid phase and is due to surface barriers. The results clearly demonstrate that the IL and melting stem from different and unrelated physical mechanisms. Hs One of the most extensively studied features of hightemperature superconductors (HTSC) is the irreversibility line (IL).

For the album by Off Minor, see The Heat Death of the Universe. If the topology of the universe is open or flat, or if dark energy is a positive cosmological constant (both of which are consistent with current data), the universe will continue expanding forever, and a heat death is expected to occur, with the universe cooling to approach equilibrium at a very low temperature after a very long time period

section also establishes conditions under which the irreversibility eect is likely to be violated. Section 6 oers some broad conclusions on the status and signicance of the irreversibility. In principle, there are constraints on the rst- and second-period choices. C1 denotes the constraint function for x1. A crucial issue in the literature is the extent to which the rst period choice of x1 constrains the future choice of x2. In general, we will assume that the rst period choice does constrain the second period choice, the constraint on the latter being given by C2(x1). The constraint on x2 could take a variety of forms and, in general, it implies a loss of exibility in the second period decision.

line and magnetic relaxation for a c-axis orientated powdered (TI. Pbo. s)Sr2Ca2Cu309 (TI1223) sample. This single T I - O layer compound, in comparison with the double T I - O layer compound TI2Ba2Ca2Cu3Olo(TI-2223), exhibited a high irreversibility line, less temperature and magnetic field dependent critical currents and a smaller flux creep rate. systematic study on the irreversibility line, the temperature and magnetic field dependence of J~, and the flux creep based on the aligned monophase (Tl. Pb05)Sr:Ca2Cu309 compound and compare them with the results of T1-2223. The goal is to show that the T1-1223 has an intrinsically good supercurrent carrying capability.

Dollo's law of irreversibility (also known as Dollo's law and Dollo's principle), proposed in 1893 by French-born Belgian paleontologist Louis Dollo states that, "an organism never returns exactly to a former state, even if it finds itself placed in conditions of existence identical to those in which it has previously lived. it always keeps some trace. of the intermediate stages through which it has passed.


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K.Hole - On The Origin Of The Irreversibility Line album flac
Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Performer: K.Hole
Title: On The Origin Of The Irreversibility Line
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Released: 1997
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