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Опубликовано: 8 апр. 2009 г. Songs About Time!! For more daily photos, weekly videos, and quarterly EPs .

The first official music video from the new Rentals EP The Story Of A Thousand Seasons Past titled "Song of Remembering

Sad songs about the passage of time are very common given we all live with the knowledge all things come with an expiration date. Songwriters tend to craft lyrics about their mental state, and most people suffer the occasional existential crisis about life going by too fast.

Tracklist: 1. Song Of Remembering, 2. A Thousand Seasons Past, 3. All I Have, 4. Seven Years, 5. Thought Of Sound, 6. Fall Into The Eve, 7. Colorado, 8. A Thousand Seasons Past (Spanish Version), 9. It’s Time To Come Home, 10. No Desire 11. Girls Of The Metro, 12. Late Night Confessions, 13. One Last Prayer, 14. A Otra Cosa Mariposa, 15. Damaris, 16. Late Night Confessions (French Version), 17. A Rose Is A Rose, 18. Irrational Things, 19. Traces Of Our Tears, 20. The Future, 21. Stardust, 22. Borrow Each Other, 23. Honey Life, 24. A Rose Is A Rose (Japanese Version), 25. October Thirteen,.

Songs About Time - three mini-albums released in April, July and October as digital downloads. The group's second EP in the Songs About Time series, entitled Time To Come Home, was released on July 7, 2009

When confronted with the sum of the Rentals' Songs About Time project (four albums, 52 short films and a metric shit-ton of photographs all somehow tying back into the passage of time), it becomes clear that Matt Sharp is insane. I think he's a genius, but dude could've easily just dropped a third full-length under the Rentals moniker and I would have been fine with that. Instead, he spent 2009 releasing movies, EPs and photos at a breakneck pace online. Cut out the excess footage and songs, and there could have been a great 12-track album with maybe a bonus video or two instead. I respect Sharp and co. for approaching this project, but it's so inconsistent and expensive that only the most fervent members of the Rentals cult may be up to the task of processing all of this material.

Time is even called "Time," so it is definitely about time. Not a single song on this list comes close to this masterpiece. David Gilmour's assertive and aggressive voice along with Rick Wright's smooth, soft and wise voice make this song an incredible piece of genius. The lyrics reflect the album's concept and builds it's own theme about time. The guitar work is nothing short of exceptional and the guitar solo is the icing on the top. There is a reason why this is the third most selling album of all time. Positively depressing.

All of this leads us to the latest EP from The Rentals, It’s Time to Come Home. The EP is the second of three planned this year for their Songs About Time project. Some can say The Rentals’ recorded output is as good as, if not better, than Weezer’s in the past decade. Unfortunately, after this latest release, you can’t really say that anymore. The problem with It’s Time to Come Home is that it’s all very one-note. The lone exception to this would be the Erasure-inspired, No Desire or should I say the thieving of A Little Respect. The title track would be fine if it didn’t sound so similar to the final two songs on the album. Beginning with moog, drum machine, and Sharp’s vocals, the first track builds up while maintaining an ominous, pulsing sensation throughout. Girls of the Metro is similar, though the conclusion of the song threatens to reach a great climax that never comes.

Songs About Time: "Every three months, The Rentals will release a new chapter of music from Songs About Time. A total of three digital mini-albums will be recorded and released over the course of 2009. The first release will be in April. Taken as a whole, the works also tell a much larger story of ambition, failure and eventual success, that weaves in and out of the works documenting the Rentals’ year. The quality is mixed and seams frequently show, but in a way, that’s part of the charm of a project like this, that the undertaking is in some sense a part of the finished project.

It consists of Songs About Time, three mini-albums released every three months; Films About Weeks, 52 black and white short films scored and arranged by The Rentals and released every Tuesday; and Photographs About Days, 365 photographs released daily. The first of the mini albums, Chapter One, was released April 7, 2009; Chapter Two was released July 7, 2009 and Chapter Three was released on October 20, 2009. The Rentals – Songs About Time ". Punknews. Retrieved March 15, 2015. v. t. e. The Rentals.

The Rentals - Songs About Time album flac
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